Born in 1946, David Stanley, Painter and Printmaker, is based in the north of England. Working almost exclusively in acrylic he has a MA degree from the University of Liverpool and is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA).

David Stanley’s empirical use of colour and form becomes the very substance and structure of his paintings rather than an illustration of it.

Through the layering of fine glazes over expressive painterly marks, each layer defining and shaping the next, David reinforces the structure of the painting itself, revealing the heart and interior of each work.

His exploratory and instinctive process of working creates a strong sense of atmosphere within each work. His ability to reach a harmonic balance of colour and form is reflected in their profound levels of interpretation. Extending far beyond their surface beauty, David Stanley’s paintings immerse us into landscapes of intense colour and light.

In the late nineties David Stanley won the Daler/Rowney Award for Best British Artist at the NAPA exhibition at the Westminster Gallery, London, which helped to reinforce his career both in the UK and abroad.

His work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries in London, New York, Palm Beach California and Stuttgart, Germany and is permanently represented in Wigan and London.